2020: Alignment, Femininity and Consciousnesses

2020: Alignment, Femininity and Consciousnesses

2020: Alignment, Femininity and Consciousnesses


Hope you are enjoying the last Christmas and New Year break of the decade. I am super excited about 2020 and thought I should share an inspiration based on numerology with you.

We can learn a lot from numerology.

In ‘2020’, the double ’20’ is a sign of alignment. The last time we had the same pattern was 1919 and that was when the Western world was about to enter an era of change and growth. It was the end of World War I in Europe; America was on the rise; there were many political unrest and revolts happened around the world inspired by the Russian Revolution and the turmoil of World War I. 

In numerology, ‘1’ means independence and leadership. Traditionally, both two attributes thrive on huge egos and self interests – which perhaps explains why the 20th century was largely dominated by masculinity.

In contrast to ‘1’, the ‘2’ is about intuition, partnership and coexistence. And this feminine energy has already been rising as seen notably from the #MeToo movement, the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg and the wonderful climate strikes she led on a global scale – and many of us are awakening and embracing spiritual growth. 

I feel entering the 2020s, we are going to see a lot more inspiring thinking and actions that may revolutionise the way our modern society has been operating in the past hundreds of years. We shall see more female leaders, more purpose-driven initiatives, more progress on human right issues and most importantly, more love.

But it requires most of us who were born in the 20th century to think completely differently.

It may be difficult to comprehend many aspects of the world right now. For example in Australia. This year, the Murray–Darling Basin has experienced the worst drought on record. In Sydney we have started level 2 water restrictions. Five million hectares of Australia has burned and nine people have died in the bushfires in just the past quarter.

It’s alarming. All we need is an inspiring government that takes promising actions to tackle climate change, to stop selling even just our water for the mining companies. There is none. There has been a lot of frustration and anger coming from the people.

And this is where we need to think differently.

We are all powerful creators. When we create with negative emotions, we may be able to achieve our vision, but it may take a lot longer as the negative emotions will create a lot more resistance in the process. The resistance could be small obstacles, but it can also be destructive like violence that disrupts the order of a society.

To achieve our vision, it’s best to remind ourselves to be grateful, to focus and celebrate the good sides of things.

Love is the only truth.

I too have been feeling emotional about the bushfires, but I keep reminding myself what a supportive and compassionate community we have in Australia. More than $567,000 has been crowdfunded for Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help rescue Koalas in two weeks. There has been so many financial and goods donations to help the firefighters and people who have been affected by the bushfires. Almost everyone who I have talked to have donated for the cause this year.

My spiritual teacher Samantha Avery gave me a precious piece of wisdom as she turned the last tarot card of the year for me: Whatever happens, love is the only truth.

Focus on things that touch our heart – things that fill our heart with love. The more we focus on them, the easier things will flow for us and accomplish our vision.

The best time for self reflection and appreciation

It’s Dec 29, 2019. It has never been a better time for self reflection and appreciation. I remind myself where I was a decade ago, and how I have come here through the experiences and lessons I’ve learnt from other people. My heart has never been so full of gratitude, and has never been so ready for the next chapter of life.

My focus in 2020

My focus in 2020 is to get my new business Re/Co off the ground steadily. Remember I mentioned 365 to Zero this time last year? Re/Co is the evolved version of 365 to Zero. The mission is still the same, except that Re/Co is much more grounded because it is built by many of us collectively.

Without the past decade, I would not be able to say so confidently that this is the work I want to do and I will do it wholeheartedly. I would not be able to say so humbly that I am just a facilitator in this business, and my role is to listen and bring the best to our community.  

You can find Re/Co at myre.co. We are developing the final products and website. The first round of products will be dispatched mid-April next year (a few days before I turn 35!). Orders will be open in mid-March.   

I hope you too are welcoming the new decade with gratitude and excitement. If you would like to discuss more about the world in 2020, feel free to reply to this email. I would love to know your thoughts.

Best wishes for 2020!



Image: NASA. Christmas Eve, 1968. Apollo 8 embarked on a “Round the moon and back” journey. For the first time ever, humans from Earth had visited the moon and returned home safely.

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