Bayer Australia
Family Fun Day 2017

the brief

Create a visually-arresting family event
to be live streamed and shared across to China
via social media

  • Objective of this project is to help Bayer Australia strengthen its position in the Chinese-Australian daigou supplements market.
  • With the idea of an interactive family event in mind, Bayer’s marketing agency, Sussex Australasia, asked us to come up with a visual solution to bring the idea to life.
  • ‘For the Love of the Family’ was the theme for Bayer Australia’s marketing activities in 2017.
  • Although there are about 200 audience from Australia and China, this event is essentially a piece of content for social media.
  • Chinese lifestyle media and social media influencers live streamed and shared the event through WeChat and live stream channels.
  • The event should be designed with a consideration for audience engagement, but more importantly, what would look good on live steams, mobile photography and videos.
  • A ‘colour rooms’ concept was used to serve the above purpose as it is simple and eye-catching.
  • Matching the products’ brand colours, this concept also has potential to represents each product, along with corresponding activities for the products.
  • Conceptually, multiple colours are often associated with love, vitality and wholesomeness.

View event video:

Room activities: brainstorming with Sussex Australasia to come up with activities for the products to be held in each room
Floor plan: working with Urban Fitouts to map out the colour rooms, stage and audience areas, food station and petting zoo
Room exterior design: working with Urban Fitouts and DE&E (Decorative Events & Exhibitions) on the best way to build and apply graphics on wall
Room interior design: lighting, design of objects for activities, audience flow, ambient music, coordinator persona and outfit
Stage: look & feel, working with Sussex Australasia and av1 on LED screen and stage
Audience area: look & feel, floor plan, styling including chair, table and floor selection
Other components: entrance, registration, media wall, product wall, petting zoo, kids area, food and drink station
Event key visual and application including invite, brochure, presentation template
Master guideline of the above, to be used as a manual by the team – Sussex Australasia, Urban Fitouts, DE&E and av1
Following Mundane Matters’ design philosophy, we aimed to source recycled or recyclable material. Most components were disassembled and stored for future use after event.
Event has received enormously great feedback from audience who attended the event. Its live stream views rocked up to more than 12 million views in China during the five hours of the event.

Event entrance at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Chinese-Australian family taking photo at entrance signage

Artist’s impression: Elevit room exterior

Artist’s impression: Elevit room – ballpit

Final desing: Elevit room

Artist’s impression: Menevit room exterior

Artist’s impression: Menevit room – dart design

Artist’s impression: Elevit room exterior

Artist’s impression: Canesten room exterior

Artist’s impression: Canesten room interior

Final design: Canesten room interior

Berocca room floor plan

Berocca room floor plan

Final design: Berocca room interior

Style direction for stage and audience area. Image from NUBO

Audience cheering

Live stream with Jessica Rudd

Chinese audience at product wall