City of Sydney
cycling strategy

the brief

Create a set of eight infographics that clearly explain a
range of complex city cycling issues using simple
images and illustrations

  • The biggest challenge was to organise the layers of complex information into a flow of simple facts and statistics that can be easily communicated with readers.

The balance between making these facts and statistics visually interesting and retaining clarity and readability.

Note: below images are not final design as details might be updated by the City of Sydney.

  • Understand the significance and hierarchy of facts and statistics before design.
  • Using graphical elements – illustrations, icons, big numbers thoughtfully to avoid overwhelming the purpose of the infographics.
  • Adding the ‘Sydney’ elements – the Opera House, Sydney cityscape, terraced houses, shared bikes, to create familiarity with the audience.

Future Sydney snapshop

Cycling in Sydney

Four priorities of the cycling strategy

Survey results

Who are we building (the cycling infrastructure) for?

Cycling progress in other cities in the world