Creating a global impact
with minimal resources

the objective

To engage and inspire behavioural changes towards
food, animals and the environment on a regular basis;
Engaging, minimal, viable and global

  • Leverage high visual content performance on Instagram
  • Content formula =
    Surprising visual content + environmental message told in a personal way
  • Use food as artistic medium for its beauty and viability, but also the imaginative possibility that is hidden from everyday life, therefore resulting in surprising and engaging creations
  • Note: all food is eaten or composted after photographed.
Outcome (as at Feb 2018)
  • Featured in more than 30 magazines and TV channels globally, such as The Huffington Post Australia and Japan, Mashable, The Food Network
  • Growing engagement with environmentally-conscious audience, professionals in food and design industries
  • Most viewed video about food waste: 300,000 views
  • Exhibitions in Sydney, Paris and New York