Evolving a Tasty Niche
panel discussion

the brief

Host a thought-provoking panel discussion
for the creative audience at
Vivid Sydney – Vivid Ideas 2017

  • Event to meet Mundane Matters’ environmental objectives in waste reduction and circular economy
  • Targeting curious audience in creative food industry
  • Engaging audience and delivering the message through a fun, creative and unique event
  • Effective promotion of event through panel speakers’ social media following and network
  • Media release and ads tapping into ABC’s popular War on Waste program to attract highly relevant audience
Note: 10% of proceeds was donated to Oxfam Australia.
Outcome (as at Feb 2018)
  • Gathered a team of local talents who excel in various areas in the creative food industry including:
    Clayton Wells
    Head Chef | Automata
    Emma Joyce
    Editor | Time Out Sydney
    Katherine Sabbath
    Cake Creative
    Nikki To
    Cam Mackellar (facilitator)
    Founder | Village Bells
    Danling Xiao
    Founder | Mundane Matters
  • The event was sold out and received highly positive response towards achieving environmental goals as both households and businesses.

Emma Joyce answered an audience’s question. Photo by Katrina de Jersy.

Cam Mackellar opened the panel discussion. Photo by Lisa Clarke.

Danling Xiao talked about the environmental message behind her work. Photo by Lisa Clarke.

Nikki To talked about persistent practice. Photo by Lisa Clarke.

Katherine Sabbath talked about quitting her job to pursue her passion. Photo by Lisa Clarke.

Cam Mackellar interviewed Clayton Wells and Emma Joyce. Photo by Lisa Clarke.