Introducing Re/Co

Introducing Re/Co

Introducing Re/Co

This month marked the one-year anniversary for Wasteland. Wasteland was showing for three weeks last October, but it took me three years to get the resources to build it. 

What does time mean?

We have been taught that time defines success, impacts finance, determines life and death.

But in the search of the soul’s purpose, time evaporates. It was only when we raised Wasteland 24 metres above ground, had I realised it had already been three years.

It is only till now that I realise it has been a full year, since I decided to pursue a commercial solution to tackle wastes and carbon footprint in daily consumption, after observing the manufacturing process of Wasteland.

Introducing Re/Co

It has been a year of searching and learning and I finally feel I am ready to share with you the good news of Re/Co. Re/Co will provide natural personal care and household products in reusable containers. With my logistic partner we will be collecting, washing and refilling the containers, and delivering them back to the users.

I’ve been told many times that this is a great idea, but it is not going to work in Sydney or anywhere in Australia. Why? One can make a million excuses to blame on the unwillingness to change in Australia, the lack of funding, small population, expensive delivery cost and labour and so on.

The excuses did hold me back, but over time I kept coming back to the idea. I know myself – the heart is calling. All I need to do, is just to give birth to the idea and let the world decide whether it’s going to work or not.

Practically, I believe an agile and localised methodology is the key to make it a successful solution. I am starting it small, funding it by myself and doing almost everything by myself to learn things from the ground up. 

Thanks to all my friends who have been so supportive in the journey. We’ve just started our three-month trial. I enjoyed it a lot hopping onto the delivery van, dropping off the products in reusable containers to my friends.  

Re/Co’s first product, the Laundry Liquid will be available for purchase in February 2020. If you work or live in Sydney inner-city and the inner-west, you are eligible to order a free 100ml sample (shipping fee $5+GST) from the Re/Co website.

You can learn more about Re/Co and order your free sample at

Over the next three months, I will be conducting further user research and sharing the progress on Instagram (@recogoods) and Re/Co’s newsletter. If you live or work in Sydney, I’d love to interview you for the user research if you can help.

By living in the present, we’ve
already achieved our dream

I am getting sentimental thinking that it has been seven years since I started my first online business, inspired by my father – the entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in the family. I failed back then, but I’ve always known that one day I would go back into building and running an online business – and when I do it again, it will have to have a purpose, responsibilities and a vision to help co-create our future.

I told Anett seven years is a long time, but I had not been waiting for this day to come. I had been learning about life’s ups and downs. And during those years of learning, I’ve found the joy of living and learnt to let my dream accept me when I am ready. 

I hope my story about Re/Co inspired you. Thanks for reading!  


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