the objective

To co-create an accessible, thought-provoking
creative experience that nurtures our mind,
senses and connection with nature

  • A collaboration with Superlocalstudio, a creative practice run by artist and designer Liane Rossler
  • Program included:
    • Art and design appreciation
    • Sustainable living knowledge
    • Technique demonstration
    • Mystery box challenge
    • Photography
  • Zero waste: sculptures created by participants are taken home; food scraps and workshop tools are composted.
  • All produce is sourced from local farmers. Imperfect fruit and vegetables is a highlight of the education.
  • Customised workshops held at Superlocalstudio, William Street Creative Hub, Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), Sydney Design Festival, and Purpose Festival
  • Participants include both adults and children who share an interest in arts and crafts
  • The workshops have enabled participants to:
    • explore creative thinking and techniques
    • expand knowledge of sustainable living, health and nutrition
    • connect with like-minded people

Food sculptures created by Tess (10 year old), Laura Kaptein, Jo Chan, Jess Scully and Gunjan Aylawadi.