Mundane Matters Monthly – April

Mundane Matters Monthly – April

Mundane Matters Monthly – April


This morning after visiting a new vegan cafe/organic shop in my neighbourhood, I felt almost weightless and had this urge to write down a list of things I’ve discovered in the last few weeks, despite the long to-do list for work. I am grateful to have this flexibility – until deadlines come or time to pay rent. While it lasts, I might as well share this temporary freedom with you.

1. Numerology

Mind-blowing. Anett took me to a one-day course as an early birthday present. We’ve uncovered a few things in our birthdays that explain why we have been able to bring potential out of each other – our numbers combined complete a full numerology chart ie. full potential. Maybe this is Anett’s trick to convince me that she is THE ONE.

Out of curiosity I’ve also calculated the charts of my family, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick and Marissa Mayer. I think the most fascinating thing is that one’s chart can somehow tell why this person behaves in a certain way (for example, addiction, anger) – it could be that what they do is not aligned with his/her true self and the purpose of life. Some charts look very lonely.

Highly recommend you calculate yours. Ask me or Google if you want to know how.

2. Ken Done’s biography

Camilla, Ken Done’s daughter, also my friend and client, gave me his newly released biography as a present when I was working at their studio last Monday. I am only half way through and I have chuckled so many times (I jump ahead to the end pages and can’t help shedding some tears). Speaking of the purpose of life, I think Ken’s is to bring colours to the world. Honest, funny, passionate, philosophical – it reminds me the only one time we played bowling together. Camilla said it feels like he is telling stories in front of you. I agree. A really joyful read.

3. The Tipping Point

‘But if you want have a ‘Done success’, passion is not enough. Ken is very smart. You need to make it tip!’ I said to Anett. She looked at Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point which I have been reading, smirked and asked, ‘So why are you still here? Ha ha!’

I read it because reading psychological experiments and stories calms me down. But yes, if you want to have a success (commercially), read less success stories, learn how to get there.

4. Octopus are coming to get us

Two Octopus viral news: one ate a crab; one escaped from an aquarium tank to the the ocean. I won’t share the crab attack video as it is quite awful. But have a read Inky the octopus who escaped. What a courageous spirit.

5. 9GAG app

My new addiction is 9GAG’s app while Anett consumes endless funny videos on Instagram. It is full of crap, but every now and then you see something like this happy dancing fish or an elevating seal, you can hear that video game rewarding music playing in the back of your head. Magic.

6. The Golden Drink

The goodie Claire introduced me to this bright yellow spicy gingery long drink, a mix of turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper powder, almond milk and honey. It doesn’t taste that great but it is a goodie.

7. Grow food using computer

Using computer to grow food sounds completely alien to me. I grew up in the days when my dad would still reminisce about how they collected food waste (and poop) to grow vegetables. Out of context – there is this bizarre food mould company that produces fruits in different shapes. Have a look at their child pear. It is really WTF.

8. Boys like to sculpt penises

At my workshop for Kaleido’s Issue 3 Launch, I found boys tend to make penises. There are a few – two as necklaces, of which one has a face and some corn leave hair; the other is tiny penis attached to a corn monster. A lot of fun. It was fascinating to see how different minds work. At the end we had a wonderful collection that is big enough to make an animated story.

My workshop with Liane Rossler at her Superlocalstudio kicked started last Thursday. In case you haven’t heard about it, Liane and myself are running a zero-waste workshop, aiming to inspire spontaneous creativity for all ages and revitalise the ‘Heartbeat of the East’ – Bondi Junction. You can read more about it on Plant Planet Workshop. It will be wonderful if you can join us too.

Best wishes for the rest of April. Please share with me if you ever try the Golden Drink or read Ken Done’s book, or attacked by an octopus (I hope not). Pass it on to your friends if you find anything useful.

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