Mundane Matters Monthly – December 2016

Mundane Matters Monthly – December 2016

Mundane Matters Monthly – December 2016


Happy December! December to me is about reviewing the past year and expressing gratitude to family and friends. I would like to thank you for your love and support in 2016. Mundane Matters won’t matter without you.
Numerology says 2016 was the first year of my nine-year cycle, a bumpy year but also the exciting start for the next eight years. My past few years proves that numerology might be right – I feel the past is finally drifting away; an enlightening adventure is bubbling in waves ahead. (Note: ask me to calculate your year number for you).
In this letter I would like to share with you these new things I have gone through in 2016 and I hope you will find something inspiring or useful.

1. Mundane Matters to advocate for ethical eating and sustainable living.

Today almost everything I talk on Instagram is about encouraging others to live and eat sustainably. In the despair of Trump’s elected presidency, I added infographic contents (example) to remind us to fight harder, simply from every bite of our food, every plastic product we use.

2. Zero-waste workshops & art installation

This month’s Purpose 2016 conference sparked so much positive energy and inspirations. It showed that any individual and business, if we care, is capable of making positive impact while being self-sufficient financially. Liane and I were very proud to host our workshops at Purpose and be part of this collective experience.

Moving forward to 2017, our workshop will continue to be delivered in different, dynamic formats (join our waitlist here). Planning ahead are a panel discussion with some of the most inspiring minds in town at Vivid Ideas 2017 (stay tuned!), potential event at Museum of Food and Drink NYC(you should check out these guys if you are in NYC), as well as an art installation focuses on food waste, which I have been planning and researching for the past few months (fingers crossed!).

3. But Mundane Matters was nowhere close to advocating for sustainable living this time last year.

Technically speaking I was still in my year 9, the last year of the cycle – a year to rest and learn from the past. There were opportunities to move into other directions, but it was a year to learn to be in peace with myself and let go my ego. I remember I had to constantly ask myself, am I accepting this opportunity because of my ego, or challenge, or a more meaningful purpose?If you are in year 9, slow down, think, be in peace. When we resolve problems in ourselves, we will be ready to freely pursue our dreams and missions.

4. How did things change?

The turning points started when I was researching for my Sydney exhibition in February. I met the team at Youth Food Movement, whose incredible work has been an inspiration for me. Collaborating with Liane Rossler on our workshops made me to think about the purpose of Mundane Matters; Liane’s thinking, the way she works and her love for nature and creativity has also inspired me as an artist and designer. I am also thankful to Rosie Cross The Geek Girl who shared with me the Science inspires Art exhibition in NYC (which I participated). It inspired me to think how I can help solve our environmental problems using creativity.
Turning points in life often happen with people who pick our brain. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life or career, be open-minded, share your thinking (not whinging) with others. Believe our aspiring thoughts will always attract positive friendships and creative energy.

5. Why do I believe in everything I do?

This is my everyday reality check. Some mornings I wake up and start worrying about not being able to pay my bills one day, since I no longer have a stable full-time job. I find it helpful to ask myself the simplest question, WHY?

I could come up with a list of environmental issues as the reasons, but the only reason that makes me believe in what I do so much, is the most enlightening, holistic experience that I have been through and I hope others will be able to go through the same.

One frightening fact: in the world there are 80 million plastic bottles wasted in landfill or the ocean everyday. It takes a plastic bottle at least 450 years to completely degrade, but only a few more decades for me to pay my bills. Money comes and goes, therefore it makes sense to keep doing what I believe in, rather than regretting later in life for not even trying to make an effort when I can.

Thanks for reading the last letter of 2016. I hope it picked your brain. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017. If you are planning your New Year’s resolutions, I hope you include some environmental goals in your to-do list. Email me at info[at] to share and perhaps we can do it together.

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