Mundane Matters Monthly – July

Mundane Matters Monthly – July

Mundane Matters Monthly – July


July is one of the coldest months in Sydney. Like many people, I caught the cold (possibly virus?) too. I used to complain a lot when I was sick, but this time I’ve taken the Zen approach and healed myself with natural goodness and positive thinking. In this letter I’d like to share things I’ve discovered in my healing process. Hope you will find them useful.

1. Everything unfortunate is a consequence of something stupid we’ve done in the past, including a cold. 

On the day I felt a cold was coming, I thought I should boost my immunity – a soup made from some hardcore special Chinese gingseng roots my Dad gave me. However, instead of getting stronger, the soup accelerated my sickness and I was sick overnight. Later I checked with Dad. His theory is NEVER drink ginger root soup before getting sick, as it fuels the ‘fire’ in our body. Same as other food in these categories: frozen, deep fried and spicy.

Stupid #2: I ate myself crazy on Anett’s birthday. Not only did we have a three-course dinner, because the dinner was dissatisfying, we kept on eating at Golden Century. The punishment came the next day when I was so bloated that all my internal organs hurt. An unforgettable lesson: eat in moderation.

2. We’ve all made the same mistakes, but we never learn.

Like everything else, the more forbidden it is, the more you want it. Unusually as I fast to recover, I craved badly for sugar, cream and ice cream. Without Anett’s supervision, I desperately jumped onto her frozen strawberry Mascapone birthday cake. Heaven. And BANG – that night, everything inside me was swollen and ready to explode. Would I do it again? Of course yes.

Another note: we may try to stay away from certain things for the whole life, but there are always circumstances we can’t control. Let it be and enjoy while it lasts.

3. Natural has the best remedy.

Instead of taking medicine to reduce inflammation, I used food to heal: white rice porridge (a southern Chinese remedy), licorice root tea, homemade ginger, mint and goji berry tea. I thank Yuvi and Andrew from my favourite local cafe Room10 for taking care of me with their special herbal tea and warmly toasted plain sourdough.

4. Two hearty recipes.

I guess all alkline food would help fight off the over-acidic condition. Here are two hearty recipes I used:

– Roasted pumpkin with turmeric and cardamom powder. Ask me for recipe.

– Quinoa porridge, topped with black fungus, cherry tomato, garlic, parsley and mint. Recipe? Cook them all separately and throw them together.

5. Ayurvedic diet.

On my visit to Nalini’s Wholefood, Nalini’s daughter Vidya taught me about Ayurvedic diet and gave me their probiotic breakfast to calm my stomach. It worked like a matchstick ignited in my body.

Ayurveda identifies six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Food is the most nourishing when the six tastes are balanced in one’s diet. Read more here or check out Nalini’s Ayurvedic bento box.

6. Rest is key.

Koa Windsong who lives in the wild, advised when bitten by a snake, if not poisonous, all one needs to do is resting in bed for three days. Our body is capable in recovering itself, like cats – they are the masters of self-healing. I needed no painkiller or antibiotics. Slept a lot with my cat. Warmed myself up with a hot water pillow. Meditation also helped reduce inflammation.

7. Essentially, heal with positivity.

I think part of the reason why I got sick was I watched too many YouTube videos about the European colonisation of the Americas, as well as political news and the fear that seems to be haunting the Internet at the moment. I let the negativity influence me and I think to some degrees it weakened my immunity.

While we learn about what’s going on in the world, we should also be mindful in protecting our energy and creating a positive vibe inside and around us.

8. See you later alligator.

I am off from veggie thinking for three weeks to New York and China. I am hoping to learn about the sustainability aspect of NYC, as well as Chinese herbal medicine while I am visiting my parents in China. I am sure on my return, I will have lots of interesting discoveries to share with you.

If you have any favourite places in NYC, I’d like to know and pay a visit too. Please share with me at info[at]

Thanks again for reading. Best wishes for August x

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