Mundane Matters Monthly – September 2016

Mundane Matters Monthly – September 2016

Mundane Matters Monthly – September 2016


It has been a month since I came back from my travel, but it feels like long time ago. When you take a leap, everything feels to be compacted into a tiny container, shipped towards the unknown. Is it what the heart wants? I no longer know. I guess I just have to go with the flow.

Below are a few things that were packed in the past two months:

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Along a wonderful traveling experience, it also came with a severe flu, lung infection, skin infection, topped with some ugly truths of human desire and horrifying time travel asleep. Drama! I could not wait to come back to Sydney, realising how much I took Sydney for granted.

A new perspective on traveling: Do we really need to travel afar for a holiday? Perhaps not? Everyday is a holiday when we appreciate what we have at present.

2. The best thing about New York: people

NYC is like a colourful world village, where people from everywhere come together. And they are so friendly – a South African taxi driver picked us up, singing African love song to us, all the way from Harlem to Washington Height; an Indian Uber driver heard me coughing and gave me his special Indian Strepsils, which saved me from coughing to death on the flight to China. Also there is Uber Pool, of which a trip is shared by 2-3 strangers. You can often have a good conversation with the passengers – apparently Uber drivers don’t like Uber Pool (exploitation!).

We’ve also met some of the loveliest people from Instagram, and friends of friends. It is fascinating to feel instantly the connection with people who live half of the world away from you. I believe when we are open to the world, the world opens its door for us too.

3. What the doctor told me in China

Healthy, but the blood and ‘qi’ (energy) is weak. I asked him to prescribe some herbal medicine, but he refused. His theory is that the ‘water’ and the ‘earth’ are different in Sydney, therefore his prescription won’t be efficient or can be damaging.

The qi deficiency is what causes a weaker immunity system, diseases or even hemorrhoid, as the energy is too weak to pull our inner organs ‘up’. Make sense no? There is a standard prescription for qi deficiency, but it is best to see your local Chinese doctor. Nonetheless, I found this packaged herbs called ‘Lady’s Eight Herbs’ ($7.90) from Tong Ren Tang in Chinatown. If you are a lady, you should try.

4. A lady’s film – The Handmaiden by Park Chan-Wook

Another Park Chan-Wook‘s masterpiece. It might be a bit sickening to watch at the end, but the unexpected storyline and the stunning performance is definitely a special screen experience. Moreover, it is about woman’s empowerment. Watch trailer here.

5. Veggie’s empowerment

CRISPR-modified food, an entirely new category of GMOs, is said to be a new opportunity to beat GMOs and Monsanto. What it says is that it will only edit existing genes (without bringing foreign DNA) for the better, but the prospect for editing the organism in our environment just sounds scary. You can have an extensive read here.

6. In saying that, Bayer is merging Monsanto for $66 billion

For the bigger and better – for themselves. Shocking and disgusting.

7. What you should do when you are on antibiotics

Eat more vegetables that are high in soluble fiber, especially root vegetables. Vegetable soup or chicken broth are good for the stomach. Milk thistle helps to protect the liver, while probiotic supplement helps to produce good bacteria (although they will be washed down by antibiotics anyway). Lesson learnt when I was curing my skin infection.

8. Kefir yogurt – to your health!

Growing up in Hungary, cow milk kefir yogurt has been Anett’s favourite drink, which is a good probiotic food. A holy story about kefir grains: once considered a gift from God by the tribal people living in the Caucasus Mountains. The secret of making kefir was even guarded with one’s life. Thank God it is so accessible now! We get the Babushka kefir yogurt from Harris Farm.

There is also coconut kefir yogurt for a milk alternative. But it is harder to find.

9. Shio-koji is another good fermented food

I first leant about it from my chef and forager friend Matt, who was making barley-koji oil. Again I saw it at the Kings Cross Market sold by Soramame. In my research of fermented food, I’ve also discovered some I’ve never heard of, such as Kimchi beer and Chal (fermented camel milk, wow!)

Thanks again for reading. Best wishes for August x

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