Fight Food Waste 2018

the brief

Create an educational and engaging food waste infographic
to be used as a point of reference that positions OzHarvest
as the leader in eliminating food waste

  • Given the complexity of the issue, this infographic has to be interesting, engaging and easily understood – especially for one of OzHarvest’s main target audiences, the millennials.
  • Cognitive easing
    Referring to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals visual design, this infographic design follows the simplistic and iconic approach, which is also in-line with OzHarvest’s branding.
  • Boosting engagement
    through storytelling and personification of icons. It also reflects OzHarvest’s playful personality.
  • Create an effective information structure with OzHarvest’s team.
  • The information structure forms a framework for each section of statistics, allowing it to be easily incorporated with icons and reformatted for other digital uses.
  • Personification of icons to reinforce the message.
  • Each section is reformatted, with some animated for social media use.
  • For statistical outcome, please inquire with OzHarvest.