Plant Planet Workshop – Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF)

Plant Planet Workshop – Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF)

Plant Planet Workshop – Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF)

Plant Planet workshop is an ongoing project with artist and creative advisor Liane Rossler. Our manifesto:

1. Create an accessible, equal and thought-provoking creative experience for people.

2. Nurture our mind, senses and our connection with nature.

3. Reinforce the appreciation of organic nature and zero-waste living. All ingredients are freshly picked from our local fruit shops and supporting foragers. We especially love imperfect produce. All artworks created can be eaten by the creators and all scraps will go to compost.

This time we were honoured to host our all ages workshop at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) as part of their annual architectural pavilion series, Fugitive Structures. It was very special to share the experience with both parents and kids, next to Vo Trong Nghia Architects‘s innovative and zen-like bamboo ‘green steel’ structure.

For the first time, within one and a half hour, almost everyone (except me!) created two sculptures. Just when I thought I had already finished taking the photographs, there was always a new sculpture coming up – what a creative blast! Moreover, everyone’s creation was so unique and sophisticated. It really made me think, what is it in people’s mind? This workshop was definitely a celebration of diversity and wonders of our mind.

Many thanks to SCAF for having us; Rebecca, Sophie and Anett for their assistance. Mostly thanks to all participants – Saskia, Felix, Joyce, Bronte, Cynthia, Suzie, Heidi, Inga, Keira, Tess and Daniel for joining us and congratulations on their beauty and goodness.


Created by Saskia (The Jam Alchemist, Felix’s mother).


Left: created by Felix (Saskia’s son) | Right: created by Heidi (Inga’s daughter).


Created by Inga (Heidi and Keira’s mother).


Created by Keira (Inga’s daughter).


Created by Joyce.


Created by Bronte.


Created by Suzie.


Left: created by Daniel (Tess’s father); Right: created by Cynthia.


Created by Tess (Daniel’s daughter).


Created by Rebecca.

Our next workshop will be held at Powerhouse Museum as part of Sydney Design Festival on September 3, 2016. More info on Plant Planet Workshop. Hope to see you there!

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