Shellharbour City Council Food and Garden
Organics (FOGO) inspiration campaign

the brief

Create an inspirational campaign to inform
Shellharbour City residents about the Food and Garden
Organics Recycling (FOGO) program

  • Shellharbour City Council’s Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service enables residents to recycle all organic waste.
  • FOGO collects these waste and turns them into compost that goes back to local soil.
  • 10,905 tonnes of organic waste was collected and diverted from landfill in year 2016/17.
  • Objective of campaign is to reinforce how FOGO works and inspire more residents to take action.
  • A collaboration with Verb Syndicate and Davros.
  • A creativity-driven ad that reflects the FOGO method and the NSW South Coast lifestyle, targeting at the local families and the region’s creative community.
  • Components such as the swimming fish bone, pumpkin rocket cheese, cauliflower wave and surfer in pumpkin skin were designed and made to add the fun factor to the ad.
  • Note: all food used in the production was eaten or composted.

Shellharbour City Council Food and Garden Organics Recycling (FOGO) ad