Sydney Chinese New Year
Festival 2018

the brief

Expression of Interest: create a hero artwork for
Sydney Chinese New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog.
Produced by the City of Sydney.

  • Sydneysiders love dogs. We pride ourselves on having the most dog-friendly suburbs in Australia. How can we depict our special relationship with dogs for the Year of the Dog?
  • When our Creative Director Danling Xiao was growing up in China, her favourite thing to do for Chinese New Year was to wear new clothes As a tradition, wearing new clothes attracts good luck and welcomes a bright new year.
  • As Chinese families become more affluent, dogs also dress up on this special day. Yummy, Danling’s aunty’s dog, dressed up in golden CNY outfit was something she would never forget.
  • The concept for the CNY artwork is to bring back Danling’s memory of Yummy and celebrate the joy dogs bring to our life.
Artwork explained
  • Focusing on the dogs’ faces visually creates warmth and joy, but also builds emotional connection as our human minds respond actively to faces.
  • The selection of the bold colours reflects the modernity, diversity, fun of Sydney city.
  • The brand logo CNY18 is built on the bone symbol, which usually symbolises dog’s food in cartoons and popular culture.
  • The floral symbols in the four corners are a twist of the traditional Chinese design using the bone symbol.
  • Other symbols such as dog’s paw print and faces are used sparingly in the festival collateral.
  • Note: this is a winning design for the City of Sydney CNY2018 Hero Artwork EOI.

Hero creative. Left: Joy; Right: Archie

Hero creative. Left: Jazzie; Right: Moya

Hero creative. Left: Sophia; Right: Flopsy

Where did we find the dogs?
The eight dogs are all found through friends, social media and local parks, thanks to all dog parents’ love for their dogs and enthusiasm to help with this campaign. We have traveled to meet almost every dog and its parent(s) to ensure they are comfortable with us, before the photoshoot. These dogs are not professional dog models, but they all shine in front of the camera, with some of them showed talent and passion for a modelling career.
Campaign roll-out
The artworks were used in around 30 different applications city-wide, including Citylights (street posters), street banners, bus shelter timetables, event scrims, media launch, online advertising and collateral produced by associated event partners.

Hero creative. Left: Jazzie; Right: Moya

Sophia Citylight

Moya Citylight

Jazzie cross track ad

Street banners

Behind the scene. Credit: Lord Mayor Clover moore

Special thanks
Special thanks to Warren Macris (High Res Digital) for the stunning photography; all dogs’ parents: Cherie Jordan (Jazzie), Christine Unicomb (Joy), Emma Timbs (Flopsy), Jason Grant (Sophia), Kirsten Butler (Archie), Montag Wegner (Moya), Nafisa Naomi (Romeo), Peter and Stephen (Aengus); and the City of Sydney for this great opportunity to help bring joy to our city.