Sydney Your Say
digital platform rebrand & redesign

the brief

Rebrand Sydney Your Say and redesign its
digital platform to increase engagement and
encourage participation

  • Sydney Your Say is a community engagement hub for residents, non-residents, business owners and the general public to share ideas and feedback in order to help the City of Sydney’s decision-making process.

Participation includes consultations at workshops and community meetings, stakeholder meetings, surveys and online feedback.

  • The brand should speak to the general public to fit in Sydney Your Say’s target audience.
  • Primary colours and shapes of the speech bubbles used in the new design resemble balloons, softening the seriousness of the subject matters.
  • The redesigned website sees an improvement in usability, brand image and marketability. It has been reiterated and improved over time by the City of Sydney.

Left: previous Sydney Your Say logo. Right: rebranded logo

Rebranded logo

Rebranded Twitter page

Redesigned website wireframe

Redesigned website grid

Redesigned website