customs house
6-28 Oct 2018

Wasteland is a large-scale installation
presented by Art & About Sydney.

Made from 120kg of marine debris collected from the
Great Barrier Reef, Wasteland voices two of the world’s most
urgent problems: plastic pollution and food waste. It questions
the impact of our lifestyle on the natural environment.

Through an optimistic shade of orange, Wasteland hints at the
hope we have to solve these problems. It reminds us of three vital
principles: reduce, reuse, recycle. As the 2,255 hung objects
suggest, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
We need to tackle these problems together.

the making of wasteland

Documentary video will be released
on October 6, 2018


Creative direction – Danling Xiao, Mundane Matters
Installation design – Daniel Hollier, The Operative
Product design – Andrew Simpson, Nila Rezaei, Vert Design
Product manufacture – Mastroplas

Videography – Jordi MarĂ­n
Hero art drone photography – George Hong
Volunteers – Megan Wong, Karina Kallio, Katy Hong

Marine debris collected by
Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc.

Proudly funded and supported by City of Sydney Art & About
Venue supported by Sydney Customs House

customs house
6-28 Oct 2018