What if we could co-create an accessible,
equal and thought-provoking creative
experience that nurtures our mind,
senses and connection with nature?

This is the goal of our zero-waste mindfulness workshops.

These workshops were designed and started by artist and designer
Liane Rossler (Superlocalstudio) and Danling Xiao (Mundane Matters),
whose practices both draw from creativity, green living and mindfulness,
and hope to share nature’s influence with others.

Launched in May 2016, we have hosted private workshops at Liane’s
Superlocalstudio and Danling’s artist residency at William Street Creative
Hub; customised workshops at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
(SCAF), Powerhouse Museum as part of Sydney Design Festival, Juniper
Hall as part of Purpose Festival. While bringing joy, passion and
knowledge to our participants, we continue to learn from every workshop
and improve the experience to meet our goal.